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Service System


Step one: Service Call
    When your equipment fails, please call service hotline immediately: 13801978551, or our companies' unified hotline : 021 -57778205 . Describe the failure phenomenon of the equipment, and leave us your contact information and address.
Step Two: Make an Appointment

    Depending on your time and our schedule we will choose an appropriate site service time . Whether cold winter or hot summer , we will follow the appointment of on-site service , arrive at the designated location on time.

Step Three: Start Checking

    On the site, our maintenance technicians will listen to your reflection to your machine, and after preliminary judgment and analysis , they will quickly and accurately determine the root cause of the problem by " see, hear , touch and smell ".

Step Four: Serious Troubleshooting

    After identify the cause of the malfunction , we will repair the machine for you immediately until the fault is completely ruled out. After troubleshooting, you can boot to test and confirm whether the fault has been repaired.

Step Five: Fill Warranty
    In order to solve your worries, we will leave certification of our service, which states the cause of the malfunction , repair results , warranty period and our telephone service .

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