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Exposure Machine

Exposure machine
1血流成河血流成河、 The SE-L series automatic exposure machine is very easy and convenient to operate that the cycle of vacuuming, exposing and air exhausting are automatically completed with one single control. All parameters are monitored with a programmable micro-computer. 
2血流成河、 The uniform light source can be obtained by using AL embossing housing 
3血流成河血流成河、 Operated by the integrating sensor of intensity of radiation and easy to manage the accurate operation by vacuum press control valve 
4血流成河血流成河、 Large choice of memory type enable the exposing screen processing much easier 
5、 3KW lamp(Korea) and high power oil-free, low noise vacuum pump(Korea) are employed. 
6血流成河血流成河血流成河、 Special Fabric finish vacuum blanket from America is used for holding the screen firmly intact with the glass panel.



Working Area

1400 X 1400mm

Working Effective Area

1200 X 1200mm

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Generator type Pump

Light Openness Method

Instantaneous Lighting Type

Cooling Method

Forced Air-Cooling Type

UV Lamp

Mercury 3kW lamp


1400 X 1450 X 1090mm

Special specification is made to order!

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