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Adoptive Families of Indonesia
There is an informal support group of families who meets once a month, children all ages welcome to attend the playgroup. Families who have already adopted Indonesian children, are in the process, or want to adopt Indonesian children are welcome. If you'd like to be in touch with them, please contact us. Useful information on Adopting Children in Indonesia. The Under 5's Guide to Jakarta book also has good information on adoption.
Contacts: Mary Hp 0811-948693 email mary_binks@hotmail.com

Support group for family members of alcoholics.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon Jakarta (AA)
Support group for alcoholics.

Aliansi Pelangi Antar Bangsa
Cooperative efforts between several organizations to be a force for change in the Indonesian laws affecting mixed nationality couples.

American Women's Association of Indonesia (AWA)
American women's social organization. See AWA publications.

Australian & New Zealand Association (ANZA)
Telp./Fax. 7179-2665. Email: anza@pacific.net.id
Australia and New Zealand social organization. ANZA Publications.

Belgian & Luxemburg Indonesia Club
Social Organization for citizens of Belgium and Luxemburg. See also Belgian Business Club.

Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts
Active Boy Scouts and Cub Scourts organizations exist at most international schools including JIS, BIS and AIS. Call the Jakarta International School activities office for more information. Tel. 769-2555, Pattimura campus 720-0536.

Bridge Groups
There is bridge every Friday at the American Club in Kebayoron Baru not far from Kem Chicks and or the Darmawangsa Hotel. Starting time is 9am till 12.30. Come with a partner or without. Open to expatriate women of all nationalities.
There are numerous other social bridge days and nights, people are always looking for some players. Make it known at the Hilton bridge day or the American Club.

British Women's Association (BWA)
P.O. Box 7923/JKSKM, Jakarta 12079.

Canadian Women's Association (CWA)
P.O. Box 1415/JKS, Jakarta 12014.

Ceramics Society of Indonesia (Himpunan Keramik Indonesia)
Ibu Francisca Pranoto, Secretary. Email: in_dhi@yahoo.com Web http://www.indoceramic.org HKI is an organization dedicated to the study and appreciation of ceramics (primarily Asian) in Indonesia.

CLA-Indonesia (Circulo Latinoamericano)
Social, cultural and artistic activities for Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese citizens residing in Indonesia.

De Nederlandsche Club
Patrick Gunther (62-21) 8983-9374. Email: guntherp@mattel.com
Chris Meertons – Vice Pres. Tel. 7179-2759. Email dncjakarta@cbn.net.id
Website: http://www.dnc.or.id/
Association for Dutch-speaking people in Indonesia. Throughout the year the club organizes various events such as pup nights, exhibitions, presentations, sporting events and coordinates information for Dutch expatriates in Jakarta.

Democrats Abroad - Indonesia (USA)
Organization of US Democrats.

Deutsch-Indonesische Industrie-und Handelskammer (EKONID) (German-Indonesian Economic Association (EKONID)
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 115, Jakarta 10310 (P.O. Box 3151/JKT, Jakarta 10031). Tel. (62-21) 315-4685, Fax (62-21) 315-5276.
Email: ekonid@io.com, Contact Person: Dr. F. Kleinsteuber, Director.
Organization of business people working in German companies or for companies who have business relationships with Germany.

“Die Bruecke” German Speaking Women's Association
German speaking women's social organization.

Erasmus Chamber Orchestra
Erasmus Huis, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. S-3, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Telp. 525-2321.
Indonesian and expatriate musicians of semi-professional and amateur standing. Instrumentalists welcome to join. Rehearsals held Monday evenings at Erasmus Huis mid-August to mid-June.

Expatriate Emergency Blood Donor Committee
Contact Ibu Frida at the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia) at 390-6666.
Or contact the International SOS Clinic, Jl. Puri Sakti 10, Cipete, South Jakarta. Telp. 750-5980, 750-5973, 750-6001.
The EEBDC seeks to match Rhesus negative (RH-) blood donors with those needing this rare type of blood in Indonesia. Other rare bloods are also sought. If you are Rh Negative please volunteer to be a stand-by donor for emergency use.

Expatriate Catholic Women's Association
Call Father S. Binzler at 797-1563 for more information.

Foreign Wives of Indonesians
Marilyn Ardipradja 749-0663 Monthly gatherings of expatriate women of all nationalities who are married to Indonesian men.

Forum for Executive Women (FEW)
Expatriate working women gather for social and business-related activities. Professional women welcome to the meetings the last Thursday of each month. Check the Jakarta Post for meeting time and place.
Joyce Odom - Telp. 338-001 and Tisha Mahmud -Telp. 252-3456.
Website: http://www.fewindonesia.or.id

Friday Nite Live
Christian youth organization for middle school and high school youth. Held on Fridays from 7:00-9:30 p.m.
Contact the Jakarta International Baptist Church for more information.

Girl Scouts of America Program
Call the Jakarta International School activities office for more information. Telp. 769-2555.
All nationalities welcome. Daisies, brownies, cadet and junior girl scout programs available, depending on volunteers.

Harvest Christian Women's Fellowship
Shienny Jethrokusumo, shienny_jk@yahoo.com. Tel. 021-581-6231
Claudia Oswald, cfriely@centrin.net.id. Tel. 021-751-2861
Junko Shiobara, shiobara@cbn.net.id. Tel. 021-7819917
Tracy Tee, ltracy@jakarta.ssa.slb.com. Tel. 021-750-7129
Christian women's fellowship meets weekly, open to all nationalities.

IES Teens
An international, purpose driven youth ministry located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Indian Club of Jakarta
Contact Abu Annas at Telp/fax. 527-5478

Indian Women's Association (IWA)
Gopi Panjabi - President Telp. 314-5959, 314-5939
Social association for Indian women.

Portal for the expatriate Indian community in Indonesia.

Indonesia Pipeline Industry Association (IPIA)
Professional business organization.

Indonesian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI)
Chase Paza, 14th Floor, Jl. Jend Sudirman, Kav. 21, Jakarta 12910.
Telp. (62-21) 520-8261, Fax. (62-21) 520-8271, Email: ifcci@prima.net.id Managing Director: Mr. Jean-Philippe Bernard.
Voluntary organization of business people working in French companies or for companies who have business relationships with France.

Indonesian Heritage Society
Library - Sentral Senayan 1, 17th Floor, Jl Asia-Afrika (adjacent to Plaza Senayan), Telp. 572-5870. Museum Nasional office - Telp. 360-551.
Cultural organization. Expatriates of all nationalities join study tours, explorers groups, evening lecture series and study groups to learn more about Indonesian culture. IHS Lecture Series

Indonesian Petroleum Association
Professional organization of expatriates and Indonesians who work in the oil and gas and related industries Web site http://www.ipa.or.id.

Indonesian Vegan Society
Society to promote vegetarianism.

International Christian Youth (ICY)
An interdenominational Christian youth group for teens in grades 7 through 12, meeting on Saturday nights. Contact the Jakarta International Baptist Church for more information.

Jalan Denpasar Raya Block A-13
Kav. 01-02 Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-4400, 520-4401, Fax. 520-2447.

Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kav. X-5, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 521-0181, 521-0182, Fax. 521-0183.

Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto 57, South Jakarta.
Telp. 520-1915, Fax. 525-4159.

Jalan Denpasar Raya Blok A-XII/1, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-2477 to 520-2480, Fax 522-4931, 520-4359.

Jalan Kintamani Raya C-15 no. 33, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-2673, 520-9602, Fax 522-9601.

Jalan YBR V/82, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-7121, 525-3074, 525-4306, Fax 520-7121.

Jalan Pekalongan 24, Menteng, Central Jakarta.
Telp. 390-8467, 335-308, 335-754, Fax 335-726.

Jalan HR Rasuna Said X/6, Kuningan, Jakarta 12940.
Telp. 522-4947 Fax 522-4974.

Wisma Nusantara 4th Fl
Jalan MH Thamrin 59, Jakarta 10350.
Telp. 337-974, 337-453, Fax 331-500.

Kuningan Plaza Suite 512, South Tower
Jalan HR Rasuna Said C 11-14, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-0773, 520-0956, Fax 520-0586.

Jalan H Agus Salim 109, Menteng, Jakarta 10350.
Telp. 314-0440, 327-684, Fax. 327-204.

Rasuna Said S-3, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 525-1515, Fax. 570-0734.

Jalan Diponegoro 14, Menteng, Jakarta 10310.
Telp. 336-680, Fax. 315-3686.

Jalan Taman Patra XIV no 11, Kuningan Timur, South Jakarta.
Telp. 526-0922, 526-0923, Fax. 526-0924.

Menara Rajawali 25Th Floor.
Jl. Mega Kuningan Lot #5.1 Kawasan Mega Kuningan Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 576-1523, Fax. 576-1537.

Jalan Teuku Umar 50, Menteng, Central Jakarta.
Telp. 314-4008, 314-4009, 314-4011, Fax 310-3945, 310-3947, 314-4075

Jalan Diponegoro 59, Menteng, Jakarta 10310.
Telp. 314-5444, 310-8005, 323-521, Fax. 310-8011.

Panin Bank Centre 6th Fl. Jl Jend Sudirman 1, Jakarta 10270.
Telp. 725-1218, Fax. 720-1012.

Menara Rajawali, 12Th Floor.
Jalan Mega Kuningan Lot #5.1 Kawasan Mega Kuningan South Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 576-1820 (Hunting), Fax. 576-1825.

Jalan Imam Bonjol 6-8, Menteng, Central Jakarta.
Telp. 310-0334, 310-0302, Fax. 315-1167.

Jalan Diponegoro 65, Menteng, Central Jakarta.
Telp. 314-0509, Fax. 327-343.

Jalan Teuku Cik Di Tiro 42 A, Menteng, Central Jakarta.
Telp. 310-6240, 310-6241, Fax. 390-7759.

Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kav X-7, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 522-2912 to 522-2913, Fax. 522-2916.

Jalan Haryono MT Kav 27, East Jakarta.
Telp. 801-1533, Fax. 801-1527.

Jl. HR Rasuna Said Blok X 4, Kav. 2, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-1489, Fax. 520-1486.

Jalan Prof Moh Yamin SH 29, Menteng, Jakarta 10310.
Telp. 310-1068, 315-1429, Fax. 310-1180.

Wisma GKBI 7th. Fl., Suite 705.
Jalan Jendral Sudirman 28, Jakarta 10210.
Telp. 574-0660, Fax. 574-0661.

Jalan H Agus Salim 61, Menteng, Jakarta 10350.
Telp. 335-937, 335-771, 335-940, 314-2355, Fax. 325-996.

Jalan Diponegoro 70, Menteng, Jakarta 10310.
Telp. 314-1018, Fax. 310-7962.

Wisma Bank Dharmala 7th Fl.
Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav 28, Jakarta 12910.
Telp. 521-2075, Fax. 521-2077.
Menara Rajawali 9Th Floor.
Jalan Mega Kuningan Lot #5.1 Kawasan Mega Kuningan Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 576-2690, Fax. 576-2691.

Jalan HR Rasuna Said Block X 3/2,
Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-7451, 552-5107, Fax. 520-2289.

Jalan Karang Asem I/8, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-4117, 520-1641, Fax. 520-2511.

Jalan Imam Bonjol 74, Menteng, Jakarta 10310.
Telp. 390-4055, 390-4225, Fax. 310-7469.

Wisma Dharmala Sakti 11th Fl.
Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav 32, Jakarta 10220.
Tel.p 570-3432, 570-3492, 570-4220, Fax. 570-0016.

Jalan HR Rasuna Said 1, Kuningan, South Jakarta.
Telp. 525-6250, Fax. 522-6056.

Jalan Singaraja C-VI/16-17, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 520-6518, Fax. 520-6526.

Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan 5, Central Jakarta.
Telp. 344-2211, Fax. 386-2259.

Jalan Denpasar III-YBR IV/19, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950.
Telp. 522-3019, Fax. 525-0195.

Jalan Teuku Umar 25, Menteng, Central Jakarta.
Telp. 310-0357, 310-0358, Fax. 314-9615.

Jalan Yusuf Adiwinata 29, Menteng, Jakarta 10350.
Telp. 390-4074, 310-8029, 310-8035, Fax. 390-4946.

Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto 109, Menteng, Jakarta 10310.
Telp. 314-3560, 314-3720, Fax. 314-3613.




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